PlastiService Group

Plastiservice Charleroi distributes a wide range of extruded sections in rubber, silicones and compact and cellular polyurethanes: Recathan®, Vulkolan®, Ertane, SBR, NBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Para, Viton, Silicone etc.

Some of these products are also available in sheets or in rolls, standard, cut or stamped to your requirements.

Wild Range of rubber profiles : Harbor and ship fenders, U profiles, dilation profiles, rubber cord, compact and cellular rubber products.

Range of sheets and floor coverings in rubber : for automotive, sports, industrial or domestic uses.

Floor coverings such as checker, studded, narrow and wide striped flooring for installation in shops, canteens, play areas, exhibitions. Sheets of natural and synthetic rubber for making gaskets, aprons and scrapers.


Moulded and cut parts : silent blocks, buffers, fenders, snow plough blade protectors.

Wedging and packaging products : foams, regenerated PE and rubber etc.

Rubber parts according to drawings : SBR, NBR, EPDM, CR, Silicone, Viton etc.


FleIndustrial hoses, connections and collars

Plastiservice also supplies a wide range of industrial hoses, connections and collars. The quality of a hose is of major importance, as is the determination of the appropriate model:

  • Rubber, PVC, PUR etc.
  • Distribution of brands: Merlett, Parker, Trelleborg.
  • Applications: air intake, discharge, food quality products etc.