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Les vieux vinyles transformés chez Plastiservice


Label Charleroi, Plastiservice concrétise l´idée d´un Designer

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Label Charleroi is presenting up to 27 November 2011 at Bois du Cazier, the work of six designers who have taken part in "Résidences d´artistes", in six companies in the Charleroi region.
"At Plastiservice (specialist in technical plastics for industry), Damien Gernay was able to combine an artistic approach, experimentation and the recycling mentality".
Plastiservice and Damien used old vinyls, destined for the scrap-heap, ground them up and then agglomerated them in a press for the production of thermoplastic sheets. Result of the operation: a compact block of old vinyls.
This thermoplastic material was then machined by the Plastiservice workshop at Jumet, in accordance with drawings by Damien Gernay, to make, after several attempts, a rather unusual vase.
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