PlastiService Group

Know-how & high-technology synthetic materials

Semi-finished products distribution


Plastiservice specialises in the supply, transformation and production of : technical synthetic materials, thermoplastics, thermosetting platics & compact and cellular elastomers.
Plastiservice has always given priority to service and has thus invested in buildings and stocks in every region where it is established.
Plastiservice holds more than 600 tonnes of materials in stock on over 15.000 m2.

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The Plastiservice Group has its own workshops.

Our experience in CNC turning and milling enables us to offer you the solution in mechanised parts in standard applications, complex realisations, prototypes, small or large series production.

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Plastic compression moulding


Plastiservice manufactures bars and sheets in Engineering Plastics by compression moulding. This process permits parts to be produced in small quantities with very short delays.

A particular feature and advantage of compressed thermoplastics is that they present very low internal stresses (tensions).


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Industrial sealing


Plastiservice Charleroi manufactures to contract and delivers all types of gaskets in all materials according to drawings.

Main solutions: flange gaskets, trou d’homme seals, cover gaskets, etc.
Materials: elastomers, aramids, graphite, with reinforcement by metal inserts, etc.

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Contract cutting and transformation


The Plastiservice Group provides a cutting to measure service for semi-products in all technical synthetic materials. We work to your dimensions or drawings.

Plastiservice also provides a service of transformation of synthetic materials: turning, milling, straightening of sheets, welding, bending/folding, moulding, polishing, profiling, planing and assembly.
We process both large and very small quantities within a very short delay and with unequalled quality of work.

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Rubbers, elastomers & industrial hoses


Plastiservice Charleroi distributes a wide range of extruded sections in rubber, silicones and compact and cellular polyurethanes.

Some of these products are also available in sheets or in rolls, standard, cut or stamped to your requirements. We offer a wild range of sheets and floor coverings in rubber: for automotive, sports, industrial or domestic use


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